Evaluating New Cancer Care Building

OSF Cancer Care Building : Alton, Illinois

The OSF Healthcare System is constructing a new 40,000 square foot Cancer Care building to serve the community. We were hired as the commissioning agent to verify the systems design to ensure that there was proper installation and system function to maximize efficiency. Proper installation is crucial as it directly impacts, productivity, comfort and occupant health.


KED SOLUTION : Commission the New Building
Our assessment included the air handler, hydronic piping system, boiler, air cooled chiller, emergency generator, and normal and emergency power. We evaluated the air handling system for the building as incorrect installation can cause deficiencies in the performance of the equipment. We evaluated the boilers to ensure that they were set to the proper set points and schedules were properly configured. Overall, the inspection helps to ensure a comfortable environment for the oncology patients.

  • Commissioning
  • Communications
  • Energy Usage Evaluation
  • Indoor Air Quality

Charlie Miller

Project Manager

309 / 404.4800


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