Safeguarding a College’s Generator System

Sauk Valley Community College : Dixon, Illinois


Infrastructure Upgrade | $800,000

Sauk Valley needed to replace their main backup generator as it was at that end of its life. They also wanted to add a small diesel generator as an additional safeguard. The main generator also needed to be relocated outside, making routing a pathway for the connection more complex. The school’s switch gear was also being replaced at the same time by a different firm. The switch gear and backup generator rely on one another to function, thus making both projects more difficult.


KED SOLUTION : Creating a Reliable Backup Generator System
We coordinated closely with the other firm doing the switch gear replacement to work through the complications with the equipment, resulting in successful upgrades. We created a pathway to the genera-tor in its new, outside location, allowing for freed up space inside. The brand-new, modernized generator includes a larger load capacity and additional controls, ensuring to backup all necessary systems. We also provided a smaller, diesel generator as a reserve, ensuring the system is fail-safe. As a result of the project, the school was able to consolidate their equipment and provided an added benefit of eliminating their roof-mounted radiator. Sauk Valley now has better controls, emissions, and a peace of mind surrounding their systems.

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Tim Dietz

CDB Project Manager

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